Friday, August 4, 2017

We're back for Fall 2017

Well our life changes took us far away from our studio and our business.  We moved in 2013 to work for Camp Caudle where Brent became a co-director of the ministry.  It has been a blessing and a very good decision!  I assumed when I moved here that I could handle running the photo business, working at camp, homeschooling, and being a mom and wife.  Well, I was wrong... and as many of you know - I said "no" to many photo opportunities.  That was a very difficult thing for me to do!  I don't say no to many things and I've had to work hard at it. But I have loved the time with my family and helping in the ministry.

But, for one season, Brent and I are going to put in extra hours and take on 10 photo sessions this Fall.  We are hoping to take our kids on a fun vacation this winter and 10 sessions would be perfect to help that happen. 

If you are interested, email me at and I'll shoot you back some open dates.

God Bless!       - April

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life Changes

It's been a long time since I posted anything on here.  Mostly because we've had a super busy summer, fall, and Christmas.  But now it's time to tell the news that we're leaving Vilonia and taking on another full time job in ministry.  Brent and I are excited to say that we will be working full time for a church camp that we absolutely love... Camp Caudle.  Before we started our photography business here, Brent and I worked in ministry, leading teens to Christ.  Photography started out as a side job to help make ends meet and soon took off so strong that it became more of a full time job which led us to build our studio and put down roots here in Vilonia, AR.  Over time we have felt God pulling on our hearts to get back into ministry again.  We're taking a leap and joining the crew at Camp Caudle.  It's a Christian church camp that Brent grew up going to.  We've always spent many days there, every year, volunteering or helping run sessions and Brent has served on the board of directors for a little over a year now.
Our photography business will not shut down entirely.  We may shoot a few portrait sessions here and there as time allows, but we will definitely keep shooting our wedding photos.  So please don't forget about us when you are searching for a wedding photographer!
We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to our many wonderful and faithful portrait clients that have used us over the past 7 years.  Without you we wouldn't have had food on our table.  We have made friends with so many of you... laughed a lot and even cried with some of you, and laughed until we've cried.  We've gotten to know your kids and you've gotten to know ours.  You have been wonderful to us and we appreciate each of you!  We hope that we have made some photos that will hang on your wall forever and give you some blessed memories of your family.
We also hope that you know that God is the center of our lives and we have always tried to run our business with that showing.  We pray that each of you will put God first in whatever you do and live your life for Him!

We will keep posting the few portraits we shoot, weddings, and maybe some personal updates of our life at camp.  So check back in on us sometime!

Thank you again and God Bless!

Brent and April Ruple

For all of our clients, we have tried to get a letter out to you in the mail explaining how to get a hold of us if you need to reprint a photo or if you need graduation announcements this spring.  Here is a pdf of that letter to download if you did not receive one.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New camera!

Yes, I am way behind on my blogging.  We've been so busy this summer that I've got a load of photos to upload and show off.  However, I'm taking a minute to show a pic that Brent took of me with our new D600 that came in the mail today!  This was shot at 6400 iso in our low lit office.  I was pretty impressed with it's performance!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jesse & Leslie

The Stacy family took their photos at the end of May this year.  I have taken way too long to get them posted on our blog.  We wanted to take their photos before life changed and they had kids one day.  Come to find out, Leslie was pregnant at the shoot!  She told us all at church a few weeks later.  I'm so excited to find out if this Stacy baby is a boy or girl.  I know in either case, he/she will be one blessed child to have them as parents.  I've been blessed to have Leslie teach my children in Bible Class.  We are very thankful for both of them and the work they do at Silver City. 

Leslie is a teacher and Jesse is a youth minister.  They both have several interests and/or hobbies so we showed those off in their photo shoot.  Check out some from their session........

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Senior Alex

Alex is a track runner so we decided to hop on over to the Vilonia High School track for a few shots.  It was right before dark that we got the shots below while the tennis team was zooming past us running laps for exercise.  Every athlete seems to take the best shots on their own turf.  She was so good at taking all photos but at the track.... she was amazing.
She is also a big Dallas Cowboys fan so I threw in the shot in her jersey at the end.  What a fun shoot and sweet girl!  Here are a few from the evening...

Senior Rebecca

Rebecca is a model and doesn't know it.  She's tall, lean, and has GORGEOUS hair.  I only wish my hair would curl like hers does.  She is also so sweet!  She gets told that she is way too nice for volleyball because she smiles as she spikes the ball at her opponent.  We had a wonderful time with Becca.  She's beautiful inside and out.

Here are a few of the shots....

Senior Alex

Alex was so easy to photograph.  With a perfect smile, bubbly personality, and beautiful eyes - you can take a bad photograph.  We had a good time with Alex and I'm so glad she trusted us with her senior photos.  Here are a few from her shoot.....